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Can I just say I normally order from you guys and you are really good but I ordered cheesy chips and never got the cheese on the chips not too happy so please eamail me back or text me with a discount code for the next time I order or I will not be using you guys again ..and I don’t wanna do that cause you guys are very good normally or 07880888086 pls contact me by text or email ASAP

Allan, 06 Apr 2019


Every time I order the food is delivered much later than when I am told it will be delivered. It's beyond ridiculous that it's incorrect every single time I order.

Gizelle Beaton,

Pizza was very dry and crispy but the kebab was delicious.

James, 17 Dec 2018

If you could make it faster it will be better for people.


Terrible. Asked for chilli relish in a pot, instead it was poured all over the chicken and chips. Asked for chilli sauce with the donner meat and chips, the chilli sauce was underneath the chips which meant thwre was none on the meat. All food was extremely soggy and barely touched it. What a waste of my money, it all went in the bin


Took payment, made me wait 2 hours before I call to be told they don't deliver to my area, absolute crap take away


Have been using hot junction for a long time with no complaints. However on the last 2 occasions, meals have been significantly late (even after calling) therefore food not hot. Items have also been missing and the quality has definitely gone down hill


You messed up the WHOLE order. We've specifically asked you not to put onions into the wraps, but you still did. All of them came with chilli sauce and we have someone who hates chilli and onions, but still put them in. We are very disappointed.


used to be quick but now very very slow delivery. driver sometimes won't get out of car and rings us to fetch the food. Order not always correct.



Burger buns not fresh, tasted like cardboard where not stored properly Quarter pounder tasted like pickle, the tomatoes had been sat for so long


Missing six wings and drink


To much oil guys we not pigs


Very tasty food tyvm


Good job


It 's good and always fresh. I sm happy


You take to long to deliver


Great food but sometimes forget to put sauces in or on food.


Good food


Slow service with standard arriving pater than expected


Good service and food


Polite and friendly no complaints


Always order from you good takeaway


Still have to receive


Test Order T2s


I all the time ordering from thems and i am very happy.


First time ordering from here, really enjoyed